PSIDA ZEV Solar and Electric Vehicles

Solar photovoltaic, PV, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, VAWT wind turbines, electric battery storage

I am powered by the Sun.  How much did your last fill up cost?  ΨPSIDA has combined with Z Electric Vehicles to provide complete alternatives for electricity and transportation.  Built on our strong position in providing solar generated electricity, battery based storage and electric vehicles, ΨPSIDA ZEV will continue to provide optimum low cost solutions to reduce your costs while providing the power and flexibility you need and desire for home and business.

Building off our extensive knowledge to provide the PVac660 integrated AC solar generator, our roof top mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs, the ability to handle 125 mile winds, dust storms, sand storms, hail and rain.  We are expanding our electrical storage abilities with full battery management/charging systems and volume discounts on batteries to provide you the customer with the option to be on grid, off grid or on grid with off grid capability.  All based on the PVac660 system.

Further expanding our overall capabilities we will continue to work off of our three strengths:  Solar PV power generation, electrical storage and electric vehicles  (all electric and hybrid) to provide you with Building Integrated PV solutions, solar car ports, solar charging stations and maximum range and power storage per charge.  The unique aspects of PV panel efficiency, robust electronics and optical enhancements, highly efficient cost effective battery storage and the unique HUB motor, PSIDA ZEV can meet all of your needs in a changing, unreliable and more expensive world.